London Scrap Metal Services

Our Scrap Metal Services

City Waste London offers scrap metal recycling and demolition scrap processing services throughout London and the South East.

We specialise in scrap metal recycling, scrap metal processing and scrap metal collection. From non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel and lead to ferrous metals such as mild steel, carbon steel, cast iron and wrought iron. We work with domestic, trade, corporate, commercial and industrial industries.


Because of its extensive use, non-ferrous scrap metal is usually recycled. Secondary materials in scrap are vital to the metallurgy industry – the science that focuses on studying the physical and chemical properties of metals. Non-ferrous scrap metals are sourced from industrial scrap metals, particle emissions and obsolete technology, like copper cables


We are continually striving to improve and expand as scrap metal recycling and processing experts with the emphasis on scrap metal collection, handling, processing, quality, customer service and the distribution of scrap metal.

With various recycling techniques under our belt, we are supplying both the domestic and export markets with high quality recycled materials that pass all international standards.

Hazardous Waste

Looking for safe and sustainable solutions for hazardous waste disposal? City Waste London offers compliant and safety-tested containers, customized collection schedules, and full audit trails for hazardous waste disposal. See the list of hazardous waste items we handle on our website.